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"State Autonomous Healthcare Institution of Moscow" Dental Clinic No. 22 of the Department of Health of Moscow " is a district clinic of the Eastern Administrative District. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, provides outpatient care adults and teenagers from 15 years in the field of dentistry, radiology, therapy, surgery, orthopedics. Clinic staff - doctors of the first and highest categories, Candidates of medical sciences, own modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. The clinic operates under the MHI program, provides free assistance to the population of the Perovo district and all attached patients. The appointment is by appointment through the registry, infomat clinic, state portal. services, EMIAS and mobile applications.

The clinic also offers paid services that are not provided for by the compulsory medical insurance program for everyone, as well as the entire range of dental care for patients without a policy and foreign citizens.

Algorithm for contacting a medical organization of a foreign citizen

  • 1. Get acquainted with the list of services provided

  • 2. Select the required service

  • 3.Select the desired date and time

  • 4. Visit or call the clinic registry by phone